We are what we think. With our thoughts we create the world. - The Buddha

The journey to Infinity and Beyond, my latest series of work, began when I integrated meditation into my daily routine at the start of 2016.

I realised the urge to see beyond the material world, going deeper into my adventure as painter and meditator.


Previously, my inspirations and subjects were mainly nudes or animals as my personifications. My alter ego took different shapes and forms:


I became a dog, shaking and twisting my head to get dry...

a cat with big eyes, looking at the viewer with curiosity...

a bird that wants to fly away, far from the cruelty of this world...

a baby, sleeping in a beautiful poppy flower, unaware of the world that waits for her when she wakes up...

a damned tiger with the body of a man...

a dead butterfly...

a smokey soul emerging from a three-eyed skull.


Sometimes, I became a provocative woman with my breast out, who doesn't care what other people think...

Other times, a much more delicate girl, giving the back and hiding the face from the viewer...shy...maybe sad...half dead...half awake...

At times I put pretty make-up on, gold leaves in my hair and left the body floating like a dead fish in the river we call Life…


Every subject has a specific reference to different periods of my life.

For instance, it is not a coincidence that the collection Paradis Bleu has such intense colours, dark moods and the right arm always missing from the subject: it is a clear link between the mental and physical condition that I was facing at the end of 2015.


Then 2016 arrived with a fresh and challenging touch.

I took my third Vipassana meditation retreat.

I have changed… thus, my art has changed radically.


Working with my usual subjects felt limitative to what I now wanted to express.

The insight of being what we think has completely shifted my attention and focus.

How small we are, and yet how much infinity we carry inside.

Aren't we made out of stardust?


I couldn't think of anything else…just stars, the universe and nebulae.

Every time I was brainstorming to find inspirations for my new collection of works, a flow of words, moods, and sensations issued from my hand onto my notepad...


...Starry night... meditate... mindfulness... present moment... here... now.

Light & dark... clearness.

Losing track... focus.

Reconnect with your inner self.

Find yourself... open the lid... Pandora... explosion.

From earth... body... matter... universe.

Gold dust... stardust... explore... travel.

Search... breeze... burning.

Rebirth and death.

Limitlessness...vibrant... release.


From this place and state of mind, free from old burdens, I have started the new work.

I have chosen square canvases for the first three pieces to empathise the sacrality of this journey.


Using mainly acrylics, I play with wet  pure pigment spotted on the blank canvas. A splatter technique is applied... for light to shine brightly, darker paint is used making strong points of contrast. 


I start with pure black, then I apply purple, dark blue, orange, yellow... the final touches are of white and gold.

I blend the layers with a sponge and my fingers, mixing, adding, rubbing off... pulling, adding again, more white... now more green... acid green.


It is a process of discovery and playfulness which can take from 10 to 40 hours of work for each piece before I feel satisfied with it.


I usually don't know where I am going until I finish the first piece of a collection.

The first three titles of this series, Landing, Expansion and Stumbling Upon came from the initial piece, Bursting Colours.


The way to see my artwork is by believing in our stardust particles, in the endless birth and death of the stars and thus, of ourselves.