Born in Albenga, Italy, 1986, Antonella is an emerging painter whose work captures the visions and insights of her meditative mind.


Her dedication to the visual arts began when she was a child...as far back as she can remember, she has drawn, painted and crafted art both for herself and others.


She graduated summa cum laude in Fine Arts, specialising in the decoration and restoration of historical buildings. Her work is thus greatly influenced by decorative technique.

Almost all of her latest paintings were produced without a brush.

Using only a small piece of sponge to create an airy, wind-blown effect on the canvas, she was able to remarkably portray the bursting colours of an endless universe.


Antonella is also well known for her live painting performances where she captures the energy of the venues and people by infusing her vibrant spirit into a visual record, translating the atmosphere of the party onto canvas.


Her collaborations with musicians include the creation of unique commissioned artwork for album covers, band logos, promotional material and flyers.


Her work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions in London, UK, bringing her to the attention of both public and private collectors worldwide.